The Vault 34 logo .

The Vault-Tec vault that the Boomers came from after a civil war within the vault took place. As part of the Vault-Tec experiments, Vault 34 was overstocked with weapons and ammunition. The vault soon became overpopulated, and the vault's overseer locked up the vault's armory. A group of vault dwellers demanded for the overseer to unlock the armory claiming that "[they had] a right to defend [themselves]". The Overseer refused; the residents started a riot and the ones who demanded weapons left the vault. These deserters are now known as the Boomers. Thes events can be seen in the Boomers museum within Nellis Air Force Base.

The exit was immediately sealed off and guarded to prevent any others from leaving. Soon after, another group unsuccessfully tried to storm the armory, the reactor cooling vents and critical system computers were also damaged. The reactor overheated without anyone knowing due to the systems being damaged. Everyone left in the vault died or became ghouls.