Vault 106 Edit

Vault 106 is a vault in the Capital Wasteland made by Vault-tec along time ago, just before the Great War. You can find this vault somewhere around that sleazy settlement of Arefu.

What To ExpectEdit

Well, so far only a few of you guys have been crazy enough to actualy go in a vault. From what we have heard, when you go deep in Vault 106, your mind starts playing tricks on you. Bad tricks. One guy we know came to us and started blabbing on about what happened down there when he went down with 3 other stragglers from the wastes. Apparantly they were just looking for suplies to keep them going. The only suplies they got was a damaged mind. We dont know what that means, but one thing I do know is to not go there unless you are well equiped. Its your death, not ours. Best to avoid that Vault if you can, unless you are too desperate in need for suplies.