278px-VB Van Graffs
The Van Graffs are a family-based crime organization in the Core Region and Mojave. The Van Graffs started as a caravan organization in Redding but later started to expand and use hostile force against any who stand against them. They have established holding in New Reno and New Vegas. They sell most of the higher end commodities that only wealthier clients could afford such as: gold, silver and Energy Weapons. The only place they are present in the Mojave Wasteland is the Silver Rush in Freeside. Don't expect to be able to steal from them, security is tighter than a drum. You will be searched by a well-equipped guard and the guards inside are dressed in combat armor and have Plasma Rifle (Mojave Wasteland). However if you can afford it they sell high-end merchandise. They usually have some work available, if you don't mind some doing some underhanded-business.