519px-Fo1 Hub Entrance
The Hub is a large community of traders, barterers, gamblers, and other interesting scum that have managed to band together in the ruins of Barstow. It was annexed by the NCR around 2241. The town was founded by a man named Angus who found that the buildings of the area were mostly untouched by the Great War and proceeded to begin trading with other settlements. The Hub established itself as a large trade town that was bigger than both Shady Sands and Junktown put together


  • Downtown
  • Heights
  • Old Town
  • Deathclaw's Lair


  • Guard the caravans
  • Find the missing caravans
  • Dispose of merchant
  • Dispose of Jain
  • Help Irwin
  • Steal necklace from the merchants
  • Blackmail Iguana Bob
  • Clean out the Loan Shark
  • Take down Decker