447px-Rivet City
Rivet City is the largest city in the Capital Wasteland and is much more developed and protected than that of pretty much any other settlement in the D.C. area. Its inhabitants live in individual rooms and have one of the safest havens available in the wasteland, aboard their floating fortress (an aircraft carrier). A large number of guards patrol internally and externally 24 hours a day to protect the ship from all threats. Rivet City includes a shopping area called "The Rivet City Marketplace" which is one of the best markets in the game as it has a merchant for every category, as well as an American History Museum, Science Lab, Church, Clinic, Bar and Hotel.


The community was founded by members of the Pre-War Naval Research Center, who moved to the vessel to make use of its on-board facilities and comparatively safe position. Rivet City was founded in 2239, when Horace Pinkerton and a group of scientists came upon the ship, which was infested with Mirelurks. After clearing the ship, they found an intact Hydroponics Bay, which they used to set up a research lab. The rest of Rivet City grew up around the lab, and when Madison Li arrived at Rivet City in 2258 to start Project Purity, and co-opted Pinkerton's staff, he left for the bow, which by this point had broken off from the rest of the ship.


  • The Weatherly Hotel
  • Saint Monica's Church
  • The Rivet City Science Lab
  • The Muddy Rudder bar
  • The Capitol Preservation Society
  • Rivet City Market
  • Broken Bow / Pinkerton's Lab


  • Scientific Pursuits
  • The Replicated Man
  • Stealing Independence
  • A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
  • Church Donations
  • Council Seat
  • Slave Hunt
  • Suicide Watch