Fallout New-Vegas
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The Ranger Task Force Project was created inorder to protect, edit, fix, and expand every page that has been added to this wiki. As such we are looking for a few good men and women to join the Rangers. Membership in the Ranger Task Force is open to anyone who wants to join however members are asked to monitor, check, and maintain articles on a regular basis and are granted rollback privileges. This means that members are expected to be at this wiki often and always on the lookout for vandals on this site. Members of the Rangers may apply for adminship regardless of number of edits if they serve for at least six months. In order to join the Rangers you must ether be invited to join by a Ranger, Admin, or Bureaucrat, or have 200 edits. Rangers are consultants to admins, bureaucrats, and average users and becoming a Ranger in no way makes someone better than a normal user. No elections are required, no influence, no genuine experience, simply skill. Should you possess this, you can easily get in.

Also to note Ranger status is a privilage not a right. A Bureaucrat or Admin can revoke status at any time if it is found that someone is not up to the duties as listed above or members of the Rangers can have a vote. Majority rules and if the Rangers vote you out there is nothing an admin can do. The only think that will allow you to retain your status is if both Bureaucrats together allow you to retain status.

Current RangersEdit

Sombar1 - Current Head of the Rangers