Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base is a former U.S. Air Force base, made home by the Boomers, who were the former occupants of Vault 34. Nellis was hit by several atomic bombs during the Great War, Wastelanders mostly kept away from Nellis due to the high radiation levels. In 2231 the Boomers from Vault 34 discovered Nellis and with the geiger counters on their Pip-Boys they found that the radiation in the area had died down to livable levels. They then repurposed the area and claimed it as their new home. When they turned the power back on they found that the seats they had been sleeping in were VR-sims, through these simulators they learned how to fly the bombers once housed there. Through maps and old news clippings they also learned where to find a mostly intact bomber.