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The Mission Walkthrough Project is a project devoted to creating extensive and detailed walkthroughs for missions in the Fallout universe. These guides can encompass missions from any Fallout game and should include the following:

Detailed Sequence of EventsEdit

This means from any approach to the mission or any side one takes while going through it. It should be step-by-step instructions, telling the player what could occur while going on one section of the mission. These should be written by perspective; each different action should be tied in with the possibilities it will lead to.

Possible Problems and TroublesEdit

This means if there is a certain hard element or problem one may find difficult, or a certain point that requires a general skill level, it should be included. If there is a section one must cross filled to the brim with Deathclaws, that should be included. If someone has to bypass a Very Hard terminal, this should be included. These should also be marked with appropriate points in the mission.

Common Bugs and IssuesEdit

If there is an obvious bug or issue with the mission, such as instant death in an area or inability to continue due to some unforseen bug, these should be noted. If one does not know all the bugs involved in the mission, they should search for online sources.

Project MembersEdit

Sombar1 02:48, May 3, 2011 (UTC) - Project Leader

Grammarlad 14:36, May 3, 2011 (UTC) - Project Contributor (Although my contribution may be small as I am currently working on various weapon articles)