Klamath is a town located in the Core Region. Its location is the remains of Klamath Falls in southern Oregon


Klamath is a small town formed by gecko trappers and a stopping point for caravan drivers. This small town's economy is sustained by gecko pelts (especially golden geckos) which have become the lifeblood of the town.

By 2281 Klamath became a state in the New California Republic.


  • Klamath Downtown
  • Trapper Town
  • Klamath Canyon
  • Trapping Grounds
  • Rat Caves
  • Grazing Grounds


  • Guard The Brahmin
  • Kill the Rat God
  • Refuel the Still
  • Rescue Smiley the Trapper
  • Rescue Torr
  • Rustle the Brahmin