Hunting Rifle in Fallout 3

.32 Hunting Rifle

You will almost certainly come across a hunting rifle or two on your travels through the irradiated nightmare that we call home; so here are a few things that you might want to know:

This bolt-action rifle has a fairly small spread, but due to the magazine size (5 rounds), and the time taken up by having to chamber a new round every time you fire means that it is really only effective in mid to long range firefights with multiple enemies, or possibly at a closer distance if you have the drop on one or two foes. However, its weight of 6 pounds means that you will want to only be carrying this and a sidearm such as the 10mm Pistol or you risk having to leave behind precious loot. The rifle is easy to maintain as there are plenty of spares available to be purchased at settlements, found in ruins, or "liberated" from people's houses. As this weapon is predominantly useful, as previously mentioned, at mid to long range, it is essential that you have a reasonably extensive knowledge of firearms, or you won't be able to hit a thing.

Overall, this is not a bad weapon if you fancy roaming around the wastes taking pot shots at raiders from 100 meters away, or doing the inglorious art of ghoul hunting, but if you want to go "prospecting" in the ruins of Downtown D.C. or in any other buildings, then you should probably consider accquiring an Assault Rifle instead.

A Good AlternativeEdit

When facing a foe from many meters away, you can't go wrong with this rifle. It is strong, tough, and can fire long distances. True, it has slow reload time, and you may find better damage bringing abilities in weapons such as the Combat Shotgun, but the rifle can turn a simple man into a guard and allow him to protect his people from the wasteland outside.

When walking through the wastes, one may find that enemies have a key advantage to you: they are looking for trouble. The will fight anyone they see, and thus they always have their eyes peeled for their next target. But they don't have the power of the hunting rifle at their disposal. Use this baby, and you can easily scower over the cliffs, and the second you see a hostile bastard, you can take their head off.