The Mall

The Mall, D.C.

Getting through the metro can be a real bitch, can't it? Ghouls, raiders, molerats, and the occasional Super Mutant all watching your every step, just waiting for you to slip up so they can strike. But the destination is infinitely more dangerous than the path you have to take to get there. The Mall is as tough as nails, and so are its surrounding landmarks. It is plagued by death and war; put one foot wrong and you will end up in a shallow grave with twenty pounds of lead in your head. Welcome to the ruins of downtown D.C., enjoy your stay.

Beware Trench WarfareEdit

One of the most dangerous places in the Capital Wasteland are the trenches of D.C. These Super Mutant infested tunnels are chok full, not only of the Frankensteins, but also full of traps, misleading paths and Mutie bunkers. It is a warzone, and no one who enters has an easy time leaving.

At any given time there will be roughly six to nine Super Mutants residing in the trenches. They spend most of their day growling, eating molerat meat, and taking pop shots at the nearby Brotherhood of Steel. But every once in a while they'll be hit by an advance, either by the Brotherhood or another faction. But these Mutie are prepared. They have patrols ready at almost every point in the tenches, as well as secure towers from which they can spot those within the trenches and easily pick them off. As well as this, in their bases and throughout the trenches they have traps ready, just waiting for the ignorant passerby. Keep your eyes open, and your shotgun at the ready; you don't know what you might encounter.

The trenches should never be your first answer to a problem. There are many paths to move about besides the trenches. The problem, however, is that using these paths can lead to being spotted easier than if one took the low paths of the trenches. That being said, one going through the trenches should know this: though one may experience more conflict outside the trenches, the conflict in the trenches will be serious. It is hard to get out of the trenches, and thus one can easily become surrounded and overwhelmed.