Goodsprings is a small town where the player begins the game. Aside from helping Sunny Smiles in the tutorial missions and completing "Ghost Town Gunfight"/"Run Goodsprings Run", there are no quests.



Goodsprings is one of the safest locations in the game. It has a basic trader that sells low-level gear, a doctor, and a bar. It also has a workbench, ammobench, and a Mojave Wasteland Dropbox. If the plaer so desires, he/she can explore loot the Goodsprings schoolhouse. The nearby Goodsprings Source has purified water, a campfire and a small trailer with beds that the player can use (though you do not become Well Rested). You can also take a short walk to the Goodsprings Cemetary where, with the use of a shovel, can grab some useful goodies. The Goodsprings Cemetary also contains the Goodsprings snowglobe.

A starting player can actually make some good money around here. The road leading to Primm contains a ton of Geckos. Grabbing the hides and meat of the Geckos and selling them to Trudy (provided that you at least did not complete "Run Goodsprings Run") for a nice sum of cash. You can also sell to Chet who holds more caps, though he does not give you a discount, making you less money.

The area surrounding Goodsprings can be quite dangerous though, further north is infested with Cazadores and Radscorpions, Deathclaws are also nearby if the player heads in the opposite direction of Primm. There is however a route around the Deathclaws which the player can easily get to Vegas with.