The goal of this guide is to create a safe, fun environment and to implement an anthology of interest to the Fallout universe. There are wikis for canon, wikis for questions, wikis for fan fiction, and wikis for modding, but we are a new addition to the great empire of Fallout, as here articles can be made of great relivance and none, of vast importance and little, and because of this we have potential and possibilities, and because of this we can be creative. At other sites they can tell you the stats of a gun, but not how to use it. At other sites they will tell you the price of goods but not where to sell them. We are the Guide, and as the Guide we guide people through the Fallout universe and keep them going strong and happy. Let's go out there and fight to make this Guide the best damn Guide the world has ever seen!

Short Term Goals of the Guide (Updated Weekly)Edit

  • 150+ Articles
  • Continuously decreasing amount of stubs
  • 10 contributing members
  • Independance

Long Term Goals of the GuideEdit

  • Establishing of chat feature
  • 1000+ Articles
  • A strong Ranger and Admin force
  • Again, complete and total independance