Doc Mitchell

Doc MitchellEdit

Mitchell is Goodsprings current Doctor and one of the very few people scattered through out the Mojave with medicinal knowledge. He lived in Vault 21 for part of his life until he decided he would become a travelling Doctor. He roamed the Mojave for years helping small towns in need until he became old. He decided to retire and marry his childhood love, they both travelled to Goodsprings where Mitchell's wife died as she had a bad immune system living in the Vault all that time. After she passed away he decided to stay at Goodsprings to be closer to her.


Having spoken to Doc Mitchell before, we approached him again and asked him for an interview. He sat us down on his sofa and spoke to us for a while.

Tell me about yourself, Doc.

Well, I already told you that I came from a vault; after that, I was a travelling doctor for a spell. It seemed like a good idea at the time; most folks out here aint educated, so people with medical know-how are hard to come by. I found that I could help a lot of people with what I knew, and that was alright with me. Eventually, I went back and married my childhood sweetheart, and that was the end of my travelling days. Didn't miss it none then, still don't.

What's Goodsprings like?

It's a quiet town, and that's how we like it. We don't go looking for trouble, though occasionally it sees fit to come looking for us. [...] There's not much to see, just people trying to scratch out a living.

When we spoke before, you said that you had something taken from you.

Well, aint we all, right? I don't pay it much mind anymore. Is that all?

Sure is, thanks very much for your help, Doc. See you around.

You take care now.


After the you choose whether to do Hardcore mode or not talk to Doc Mitchell again:

Medicine 30- The player recieves 3 Stimpaks

Speech 30- The player recieves 2 Stimpaks

You can also trade with the Doctor, he usually has medical supplies and will also heal and crippled limbs and remove radiation for a price.