Fallout 3 DLC Deathclaw by RustyRaccoon

One of the most fearsome creatures in all of Post Apocalyptia, this savage beast is the very definition of the word "monster". Here, you will be informed about the deathclaw, as well as taught how to deal with this threat to your life.


The deathclaw is widely regarded by adventurers and merchants alike as one of the most fearsome beasts in the Capital Wasteland. At the top of the food chain, this beast will attack on sight, so you must be constantly vigilant. It has extremely high damage attacks, and will completely ignore one's DR/DT. I don't care if you've got a set of T-51b, because if you're fighting a Deathclaw, it's about as effective as pre-war casual wear.

What To Do In An EncounterEdit

At several points in your travels throughout the Wastes, you may encounter one of these abominations. You're advised to sneak around them, but what should you do if one notices you? With some enemies, you have one of two options: fight, or flight. With a deathclaw, you're restricted to the former. Running from this thing almost guarantees your ass getting killed, and we don't want that happening. Don't pull out that hunting rifle you've been

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carrying, because although it's been working on the smaller stuff very well, it just lacks the penetration needed to kill a deathclaw. Consider using something a little more hefty, perhaps a plasma rifle, or even The Terrible Shotgun if you've nabbed it from Smiling Jack yet. Ideally, you should first pump a poison dart into the beast from a distance, to cripple it's legs. After this, shoot the bastard with the glee as it is helplessly torn apart by your weapon of choice. Grab the hand off the deathclaw, it's made to use a gauntlet that also ignores DR/DT, making you almost as lethal as a deathclaw.

-Weapons to use

Bottle Cap mine - Plasma Rifle - Fatman (ONLY USE IN A BAD BAD BAD SITUATION!) - Sniper Rifle - Dart Gun - Missile Launcher - Sniper Rifle - Gauss Rifle - Any Alien weapons - Minigun - Plasma Grenades - Telsa Cannon. Do not ,and i reapeat, DO NOT USE MEELE WEAPONS ON THS THING!!!