Many towns and casinos will ask you to hand over any weapons, if you don't feel comfortable without some method of protecting yourself you will need to be able to conceal a weapon. Please note, the penalties for being found with a concealed weapon are often very harsh and could result at best in you being banned from entering that particular town, and at worst executed

Choosing a weapon Edit

  • Revolvers are easy to use and malfunction infrequently, but they are bulky and difficult to reload quickly.
  • Semi-automatic pistols (such as the 10mm Pistol are sleeker, making them easier to carry concealed. However, they are complicated to operate and more prone to malfunction. Semiautomatics are loaded by attaching a magazine. If you carry additional magazines, then you should be able to reload in seconds.
  • Knives and other sharp melee weapons must be carefully held in place, else you risk injuring yourself every time you move. And you will need to get very close to your attackers to hurt them; as such they are inadvisable.
  • Batons and other blunt melee weapons are practically useless because of their inability to quickly put down an assailant.

Concealing your weapon of choice Edit

There are many places that a weapon can be concealed.

  • One of the easiest place is tucked into your waistband, behind your back. The weapon can then be easily drawn; however, it will almost certainly be found by guards if you are searched.
  • If you can get your hands on a pre-war, underarm holster, then this will be the most comfortable place to carry your weapon.
  • By cutting off part of a belt, you can create an ankle holster. Guards will never find this, but you will be exposed for a long time as you draw your weapon.

The best way to bring a weapon into a forbidden area would be to place it in a makeshift ankle holster, and then to transfer it to your belt behind your belt once you are past security.

Getting good Edit

There is no point in having a concealed weapon if you're dead by the time you get it out. You should be able to smoothly and safely remove it from it's hiding place and place it back. Practice with a blunt or unloaded weapon so that you won't accidentaly injure yourself.