The Core Region is a large area on the west coast of pre-war America.

It is ruled by the NCR who have

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driven off many of the threats that plauge the wasteland. After the defeat of The Master's Army, The Enclave, and The Brotherhood of Steel the NCR was able to establish peace in the region. However just because this is the safest know area in the wasteland does not mean that its not without threats. Raiders still hold out in remote areas and there are many smaller factions that won't think twice about putting a bullet in your head.

Known TownsEdit

  • Shady Sands (NCR capital)
  • LA Boneyard
  • Dayglow
  • Broken Hills
  • Gecko
  • Vault City
    Fallout 2 map
  • New Reno
  • The Hub
  • Junktown
  • Arroyo
  • Klamath
  • Modoc
  • Redding
  • San Francisco
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