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Cannibal Perk

Sadly cannibalism is a common practice in the waste. While most cultures see this as a crime against nature there are some (mostly remote) organizations that openly practice it. As such it is important to be able to spot a cannibal as well as be able to identify human flesh (so that you don't make the mistake of consuming it). One of the best ways to spot a cannibal is by the shakes that are caused by one consuming another human being. Another way is to look out for anyone selling or eating Strange Meat or Sweet Meat becuase it aint like crispy bacon at all... it is human flesh. Normal wastelanders may unwittingly engage in cannibalism, as some vendors sell human flesh under the guise of regular meat, either because they are practicing cannibals themselves, or because they can obtain human flesh cheaply and engage in unethical business practices by selling it as food. A good guideline is if you see anyone eating another human being, kill him, before he feasts on you.