Bloatflies are a common pest found throughout the wastes. They can be found all the way from the Mojave to the Capital Wasteland and are very weak enemies. Bloatflies attack by shooting their prey with sharp spine-bedecked larva. In terms of combat they are very easy to kill with most standard weapons; however, their quick movements sometimes make them hard to hit. This can make them harder to kill then radroaches. Trying to cripple their wings is useless, believe me. They can fly away before your bullet even gets out of the barrel.

Common places to find these nuisances can include radioactive barrels burried into the ground, or around dead wastelanders. This can be used to your advantage so you can loot the wastelanders afterwards.

If you're wearing thick clothes (and eye protection), then you can get close to these critters. Smack them as hard as you can, with the butt of your gun, or an effective melee weapon like a Baseball Bat. The most important thing is to not waste any ammo on them whatsoever. They just want you to, so they can dodge it and make you look like a total loser.