9mm Pistol

9mm Pistol (Mojave)

The 9mm pistol is quite common in the Mojave Wasteland and will probably be the first weapon you acquire. It has decent damage and is most useful against vermin like Geckos and Mantis's.

Wastelander Field NotesEdit

"Once acquiring this small sidearm I decided I would test it on my properties radscorpion infestation. To my dismay the Radscorpions seemed to not even flinch even after a whole clip, it only seemed to make the creature angrier. Instead I decided to try my new prize possession on some Geckos nearby. To my surprise it killed them within three bullets, soon after some extensive research I have found that this weapon works very well on lightly armoured targets, whereas the tough shelled Radscorpion was merely scratched. To summarise my report this weapon is a good sidearm to take down light armoured targets so you can save that last round in your Anti-Material Rifle for that unexpected DEATHCLAW!"

~The Wasteland Survivalist~