An aerial view of the 188 Trading Post

The 188 Trading Post was founded by Michelle and Samuel after convicts overran Primm and drove them out of town, and was established on the crossing of Highway 93 and Highway 95. With I-15 being shut down due to Deathclaws, Highway 93 became the only way to safely reach New Vegas. As such the 188 Trading Post became rather successful, their strategy being a simple one: people going to Vegas spend money here and on their way back from Vegas also go through the 188, this time willing to literally give the shirts off their backs to avoid starving before making it back to their homes in the NCR. A Gun Runner named Alexander will trade with the player if they can pass a Guns check of 40. The arms merchant will trade with the player after going through her dialogue. Other people reside here as well, such as The Forecaster I little physic kid who lives under the overpass, Veronica, a companion the player can obtain through her dialogue and also Ezekial, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. The number 188 comes from where Highway 95 and 93 meet, 95 + 93 = 188.